Qanat Quartier Qatar

Cartier Canal

Qanat Quartier Qatar area is a unique and splendid community where the charm of Venice meets Arabian elegance. With its low-rise, brightly colored buildings, intertwined water canals, and pedestrian-only squares, the Qanat Quartier Qatar area is reminiscent of the city of Venice, casting its allure and distinct features upon this magnificent spot in Qatar. It captivates with its elegant and ornate bridges floating above the water canals, evoking the vibrant Italian life brimming with romance. The area also provides a wonderful shopping experience for visitors and residents alike, with a wide range of luxury retail outlets. Residents and visitors can choose from a large selection of restaurants offering various cuisines and beverages to satisfy all tastes. The area boasts a waterfront on a stunning beach with world-class unique features, scenic views, and a parking space for more than 1,000 cars.